Customer Service Desk

The Customer Service Desk at Peninsula Fair is the information hub for the community, and is located outside Sussan. Our friendly Customer Service representative is available to help with any inquiry. For enquiries please call 3284 8044.

Disability Services

For those who find it difficult to get around, Peninsula Fair offers complimentary wheelchair and motorised scooter hire from the Customer Service Desk. Advance bookings are advisable and can be made on 3284 8044. This service is available for in-centre use only.

Lost Property

Lost an item? Found an item? All lost property matters are cared for by our Customer Service Team and can be reached on 3284 8044.

Parent's Room

A Parents Room is located in the toilet corridor near the Food Court (past Gloria Jeans). Facilities include private feeding rooms, children’s toilet, microwave and mirror.

Heart Foundation Walking – Mall walking group

Why not come to Peninsula Fair and join in on the Heart Foundation Walking program endorsed by the National Heart Foundation. Enjoy the comfort of getting fit and healthy in the security of an air-conditioned complex, supervised by trained walk leaders.

Where: Meet at J&S Bakery
When: Tuesday and Friday
Time: 7.00am